About the HE-DO Kft

Since its foundation, HE-DO Kft. has been a committed service provider of quality construction and environmental protection.

HE-DO Trade and Service Ltd. was established in 1991 by domestic private individuals and has been operating in this form ever since. The main activities of our company, from Heves county, but now in Budapest, have been in the past 27 years for road and public construction, asphalt and concrete production, deep-sealing construction, and waste reclamation and recycling of construction materials. The company operates in Budapest, Heves, Nógrád, Pest, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties as well as south-eastern Slovakia. Our company has four asphalt manufacturing sites, which, besides our own requirements, serve both public and private buyers.

Our operations have been in quality management since 1998, which ensures our customers the excellent quality of our products and services, and gives us feedback on the reliability of our work. During the construction of our buildings, the continuous inspection is carried out by our own, well-equipped quality control laboratory. Our company has a modern machine park; we are working with the most reliable brands in our fleet. In 2002, our company expanded with structural engineering business, and from 2012 it was expanded with environmental protection business.

Beside the quality service, the appropriate work and health protection, efficient energy use, environmental protection and environmentally conscious work is important to our company; our staff’s satisfaction is best reflected by minimal fluctuation.

Fontosabb pillanatok


The Dobróka family (László Dobóka, László Dobóka and Tamás Dobróka) founded HE-DO Trade and Service Kft., Dobóka family, The Heves county-based company is still owned by the family.

Dobróka Tamás is on the company’s first road roller

He-Do Kft és Dobróka Tamás egy úthengerrel



The first site was established in Abasár.

This year the company bought its’ first western machine: Tamás Dobróka on the rotary encoder.

Első nyugati gép



They built an asphalt-mixer at the Abasár site.

They solemnly handed over their own road quality testing laboratory in Abasár.



The concrete mixer was putted into operation at the Abasár site.

A new Main Construction Management site has opened its doors with an asphalt mixer in Veresegyház.



The site of Salgótarján is developing. With the installation and putting into operation of a new LIEBHERR concrete mixing plant, concrete production has begun.

Our company is developing further. Asphalt production has begun at the site of Main Construction Management of Hejőpapi.



The asphalt mixer was built on the site of Salgótarján, which provided the asphalt mixtures to the ̶ four-lane construction of Route 21 ̶ HE-DO Kft. and Swietelsky Kft. between Lőrinci and the county border and between Jobbágyi and Szurdokpüspöki.

The Bureau of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ) has given the leader of our company Tamás Dobróka the ENTERPRISE of the Year award for her outstanding achievements and public activity in his business.



The company’s latest site was built by the parent company’s investment in Encs with a MARINI UMAP 2700 asphalt mixer.